Remastered DVD + Bluray
Remastered DVD + Bluray

Remastered DVD + Bluray

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DVD + Bluray, Dual-Disc Digipak

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80 minutes

Albert Falzon’s 1972 classic, Morning of the Earth, is internationally renowned as one of the greatest surf films of all time. Its psychedelic imagery and audio-visual tour de force captured the spirit of a generation and became an instant benchmark of avant-garde cinema. A fantasy of surfers living in three unspoiled lands and playing in nature’s oceans, Morning of the Earth tells the story of a group of friends exploring the measures of all things beautiful: searching for virgin waves in Bali, Hawaii and Australia, shaping their own surfboards, building their own homes and living off the land in harmony with nature. With G. Wayne Thomas’ legendary soundtrack (the first Australian soundtrack to go Gold) and surfing featuring some of the world’s best, Morning of the Earth is a must-watch and prerequisite for any surfer and cinephile alike.

Now meticulously restored and beautifully remastered, we celebrate the film’s 50th Year Anniversary with you. This museum-grade restoration off of the original 16mm AB rolls presents a pristine copy which, Albert says, “looks and sounds better than it ever has.”

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