Nat Young

Back then…

Nat YoungI think that the movie really starts when you see Nat surfing. His first two waves are triple printed to show the fluidity of his surfing. Nat is one of the most powerful and aggressive surfers in the World today and the triple printing of his first two rides is in complete contrast to how one would normally see him surf. It'sa completely different dimension.

I would have liked to photograph Nat surfing on some bigger waves, most of his surfing is on head high waves. I don't think I've completely captured his incredible ability as a surfer but you do get glimpses of his power and flexibility when he is surfing those long smooth beautifully shaped walls. Watch his head and where he is looking. It hardly moves and yet his body, his arms, his legs are all in classic co-ordination with the wave.

– AF

Nat's Thoughts…

Nat YoungIt has never been a surprise to me that Morning of the Earth turned out to be one of the icons of surf movies in Australia and around the world.The formula was simple, including the very best of 70's style music and surfing.

I believe that my surfing at Broken Head and Lennox, graphically shows my style at the highest pinnacle of my ability, it is very nice to have it recorded by such unique talent Alby Falzon.

– Nat