Albert Falzon

Albert falzonBefore beginning Morning of the Earth, Albert served an apprenticship of sorts with the father of the Australian surf movie, Bob Evans. With Paul Witzig, Evans began importing US surf movies and screening them at his own expense. Evans also ran Surfing World magazine, and with this experience, took the natural into making his own films.

Albert had become involved with Surfing World by submitting photos of local surfers from his home on the NSW Central Coast. Evans liked his work and invited him to join the magazine, which led to helping Evans with his films. The two learnt the craft of film-making together from first hand experience, neither having had any prior experience or training. Those first films were successful enough for Evans to abandon his public relations job and spend the rest of his life working in the Australian surf media.

From Surfing World, Albert moved on to Tracks, starting the magazine with David Elfick and John Witzig. Already interested in making his first feautre, Falzon saw this new magazine as a good way of getting it off the ground. In 1972, Morning of the Earth was completed.

Albert continued to edit Tracks after the film was released. It quickly became the surfer's bible, as unlike glossy magazines such as Surfing World, it was printed locally on newsprint, meaning it wasn't 6 months out of date by the time it hit the shops.

Like George Greenough, Albert has achieved a kind of mythical status not only as a film-maker, but as an adventurer, opening destinations such as Indonesia and the Maldives to surfers. While filming Morning of the Earth, Albert and his crew were one of the first groups of surfers to ever travel to Indonesia, starting what has since then been a constant flow of surf-tourists to the region.

Albert continues to make films, including the documentaries Festivals of the World and Festivals of the Far East, that have been sold around the world

– Tim Fisher

A life

Albert Falzon, film-maker, has always appreciated the power of music in his films.

His inaugural feature film Morning of the Earth was the first Australian film to receive a gold record for album sales.

His entry in the Cannes Film Festival Crystal Voyager featured music from Pink Floyd.

Talking Heads and Brian Eno accompanied an Indian Saddhu's pilgrimage in Same as it ever Was.

Falzon's career in film making was a natural progression from international still photography, and later combined with magazine publishing, in Australia, Israel and the island of Bali in Indonesia.

He was co-founder and publisher of the surfing newspaper Tracks.

His perceptive and sensitive photographic eye almost suggests that he was born with a camera to it.

A penchant for travel, particularly to remote and spectacular regions in the world has had a major influence on the themes of Falzon's work.

A six part documentary series focussed on traditional Festivals in such Far Eastern countries as Sri Lanka, India, Burma, Ladakh and Tibet and has sold to over forty countries world-wide.

The significance of filming some of these regions is only evident today with the political closing of Tibet and Burma to travellers and the civil strife in Sri Lanka. And not all locations were easily accessible.

The journey through Tibet to the mystical mountain of Kailas was an arduous two weeks in sub zero temperatures, there the film crew recorded for the very first time the sacred Wesak Festival.

Another film The Road to Timbuktu followed a path from Casablanca across the searing Sahara Desert to Timbuktu on the African Ivory Coast.

Falzon's twelve part seriesFestivals of the World has sold to over forty countries.

He has also directed two long version music videos for Chris Blackwell founder of Island records and was DOP on Women of Spirit a one hour television program recently filmed in India, NY and London.

He has written a series of children's programs and has completed a screenplay for a feature film, tentatively titled The Dreamtime.

He recently filmed two surfing programs and is presently working on three books:Essence, a pictorial on flowers and exotic images from his world travels;Surf Art, a portfolio on the work of ten world renowned surf photographers; and Journey to the Wesak Valley, a diary of his travels to the sacred Wesak Valley, near Mt. Kailas in Western Tibet.

He has recently post-produced a forty minute video,GLOBUS – The Meaning of Light. And is co-producing a giant screen picture on surfing.


Morning of the Earth … Bali, Hawaii, Australia
Crystal Voyager … Australia, U.S.A.
Same as it ever Was … India
The Legend of Alaya … Australia
Highway One … Bali
Surfabout … Australia
The Road to Timbuktu … Africa
Colours of Rajasthan … India
The Kumbha Mela … India
Jewel in the Himalayas … Ladakh.
Before the Jungle Gods … Sri Lanka
The Wesak Festival … Tibet
Festivals of the Far East …Asia
First Light … India
Australian Artists Vision … Australia, Bali, New Guinea
All of we is One … Trinidad
The Inti Raymi Festival … South America
Song of the Rainbow … New Guinea
Fiesta-Siesta … Mexico
Butterflies & Warriors … Japan
Island Dreaming … Tahiti
Remembrance … Turkey
The Land of the Morning Calm … Korea
Festival of Light … Thailand
Behind the Mask … Venice
Birds of a Feather Carnival Together … Canary Islands
From the Heart of Morocco … Morocco
Jamaica Go-Go … Jamaica
Can't step twice on the same piece of Water … Bali
Women of Spirit … India, New York, London
Metaphysical … Indonesia
Quiksilver Country … Sumatra, Tahiti, Australia
GLOBUS – The Meaning of Light … The World