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Albert Falzon

Albert Falzon's career in film making was a natural progression from international stills photography, and later combined with magazine publishing, in Australia, Israel and the island of Bali in Indonesia. He was co-founder and publisher of the surfing newspaper Tracks. His perceptive and sensitive photographic eye almost suggests that he was born with a camera in it.


Frank Pithers

Frank Pithers is one of the Legends of the Lens. He has a massive archive of material from his days as roaming photographer with Tracks Magazine in the golden era of Whale Beach. During the five years he spent on the road shooting pictures for Tracks Magazine he was privileged to witness fantastic surfing by some of the worlds greatest surfers. Most of his time was spent travelling the Australian coastline and living out of a VW Kombi in the company of top surfers, their only mission was to get the best waves they could find, surf the shit out of them and get as many shots as possible for the next issue of the magazine.


Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet

We travelled half way around the world and drove for two weeks across the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world to arrive at Mt. Kailas and the Wesak Valley the day before the Wesak Festival.

The Journey to the Wesak Valley in Tibet was filmed on the May full moon in 1985.

On the journey were David Thomas, Hock Khoe, Mark and Albert Falzon - all participated in the production of the film on various levels.


Hot Buttered Surfboards

Surfing is art… such was the driving theme of Hot Buttered Surfboards as it exploded through the closing decades of the 20th century. While the founder Terry Fitzgerald (TF) took to the world's most challenging waves and used their feedback to change the course of how a surfboard could feel, Mark Worthington's amazing airbrushes rearranged our visison of how a surf board could look. The two artists together, perhaps made the strongest single surfboard statement in the history of the sport.


The Daily Lama

The Daily Lama is an occasional online magazine edited by Albert Falzon for those interested in living a more spiritually uplifting life. It's a journey of a lifetime - an outer journey as well as an inner one. A journey of self discovery - with a little help from your friends. It's a way of life that you can use in any way that will improve the higher qualities of your life and those you come in contact with. Pass it on and share it and enjoy the journey.



One day out the back at Scott's I met Brett and we got talking. One thing lead to another and Brett suggested that his brother Neil, a web & graphics designer, get in touch with me and get a web site happening for Morning Of The Earth. All my sites are the result. If you need any web design done - anything from a simple home page to a larger site - it is worth getting in contact with Oceanz.