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Morning Of The Earth has touched the lives of people in many varied ways over the thirty years since it was first made. Here we offer a space for you to tell your experience. Please email us with your story.

I have been a huge fan of this classic movie for the past ten years since a mate of mine introduced me to the movie, I bought it within 1 month of seeing it for the first time. Favorite song would have to be Day Comes, an absolute beautiful song, everytime I listen to it I get a new feeling from it, I used to live on the Gold Coast and would drive along Narrow Neck to where I worked at the Sheraton and my favorite drive bys along Narrow Neck when I was starting pre-dawn and as I drove along Narrow neck was when day came with it's golden eye and warmed me as I drove to my daily prison (work). I could not help but let the words slip past my lips, same effect after working a graveyard at the sheraton don't know if you have ever been there but from the hotel foyer as the day came with it's golden eye, all you got was the ocean and all it's majesticness, regardless of it's current state, rough, peeling waves etc it was beautiful and so the song again escaped my lips … I guess what I am getting at is thanks for a brillant movie and choosing the recording artists that you did they really came together with the movie.

– Tim, Australia

"Morning of the Earth was part of my childhood growing up as a Surfer in Southern California. The music and beauty of the film is still etched in my mind. "

– Jeanette W.

I was born in 1956 at Forster and lived there untill 1973. I never saw the movie but the music is still with me. I listened to it too much while I was in my formative years and every track is burned into my brain.

– Brett Worth

A tribute to the greatest surf flick ever made…

Morning of the Earth is an anthropological masterpiece of even greater stature than Endless Summer. It more accurately documents the spiritual link that once existed between nature and surfing than any other surf film before or after. Beautifully shot, with a cast of genuine surfing legends, Morning of the Earth is a five star, gold plated work of unparalleled genius.

– The Mambo crew

First saw Morning of the Earth at manly metro cinema in a double feature with Zachariah … was blown away and still listen or watch the dvd … what a great time it was we were inspired by it and left to surf or share our happiness … pity the kids of today don't have the same outlook … hope to attend state theatre.

– Loco
April 2009

I remember as a 15 year old going to see MOTE at the Sydney Opera House and sitting there with my surfing buds absolutely gob smacked because we watching something so different from anything we'd ever seen before. To see local guys like Terry Fitzgerald and Stephen Cooney mixing it with guys like Gerry Lopez was mind blowing. We spent the next few years surfing up and down the NSW coast dreaming of places like Bali and now that I'm much older I look back on this time and some of the best days I ever had. I still listen to the soundtrack with Terry Hannagan's I’ll be Alright still the most played song on my iPod. I am now taking my son (who has never surfed) to see the show at Port Macquarie and hopefully he'll get a better understanding of what life should be like.

– Greg Hodge
April 2009

I first saw Morning of the Earth at Avoca Beach Theatre in the 70's and have loved the music ever since. The sound track gets played at some time on most road trips I do. Favorite song by far is Simple Ben. Finally got to watch the movie again tonight and it brought back all the great memories of the surfing life in the 70's. Traveling the North Coast of NSW with the boys watching them surfing the great breaks of Yamba, Angourie, Lennox and Kirra, enjoying the laid back lifestyle before the rush and pressure raising a family and mortgages in the 80's and 90's. These days I have tried to adopt the same lifestyle of the 70's, enjoying life, spending time travelling the coast again and appreciating what nature has given us. I have introduced the men in my life, my partner, who has taken up surfing again and my 2 boys to travelling the coast surfing when time permits. Recent trips to NSW, Hawaii and Bali (where the boys surfed Uluwatu) has brought a new appreciation to the movie and those that pioneered the breaks and the travelling surfing lifestyle. Can't wait to see the live show, hopefully it will come to Queensland one day. 

– Lyn
February 2009

I was a grom at Kirra.

We were poor, as most people who lived at Kirra were then. It wasnt unusual to encounter a drug bust in Haig street on our way to the bus-stop to go to school on any given day. Very strong surf ethic though. When Kirra goes, and you watch it build, off the point/big groyne or little groyne, before the uber sandbank, it is completlely entrancing. Sucking sand off the bottom in the Kirra grinder. This is not news. Anyone who has surfed Kirra in full flight knows what I am saying.

My Dad bought me a Mt Woodgee single, 5'8". Used of course. Unless you were sponsered like China or Jase, you got a board from Rosscoe, across the road from the bottle-o at the Kirra Hotel. China may well have surfed Ross's secondhand boards back in the day.

Anyway, MP had become a recluse. Drug fucked. The genius had ebbed out like last nights tide. Him and his ma used to come through Tweed woolies every pension day. I was 15/16 and working there. This was '86 and you would not have recognised him. A parody of his former self. No-one knew who this guy was. Overweight and balding. The young turks milled around the Tweed Mall and they had no idea who this guy was. The thruster was in session.

What I'm getting at is, due to my poor socio-economic condition I actually surfed overhead Kirra as MP did in that film of yours Alby, on a single fin. Surfed that break every day after school big or not. Little groyne and North Kirra. It occurs to me now that is was a privelege to do that, when Kirra was Kirra. And MP was still fresh in my mind. Top film, a true genius captured.

Notable mention to Lloyd Scott, Richard Babovic, Geoffrey Korn, Chappy Jennings and Mark Occhilupo. True Locals and bona fide guests. Love you Chappy, rocking around Greenmount in boilersuit. Fantastic voyage. Pipedream were still trying to sell your used boards with the big rocker years after.

– Trevor Ramsay
February 2009

I saw Morning of the Earth on a Sunday night at Chatswood pictures when it first came out. I have had the cassette, VCR of the movie and have bought both versions of the CD and will be buying the DVD next pay.

I have managed to introduce many 20ish people to the music and often find when my CD goes missing all I have to do is go to my young blokes car and it will be there.

A bit cliché but this is timeless and I never tire of listening to the music. I often request a song from MOTE when I'm at places where they have a "geetar" playing entertainer, clubs/pubs etc, and rarely find one who can't play a track.

– Warwick
November 2008

I saw the film at the local movie theatre in Gisborne New Zealand with a Girlfriend of mine from Oz. I was pregnant at the time and my son surfs regularly and definitely has an ocean spirit. After the film my friend and I were beaten up by some "local" girls, kinda scary, but I would do it all again. They were pretty amazing times never to be repeated – thanks Alby. Anyone who hasn't read the book about Micheal Petersen I thoroughly recommend it.

- Gary
October 2008

I first saw MotE in Sydney in about 1977. It affected my greatly then and it still reflects my basic values to this day.

I'm also very happy to report that I went to see the live screening/performance of MotE at the beautiful Palais Theatre in Melbourne on Friday night (4/09/08). My partner's a surfer and I grew up as a happy little barefooted surfie chick on the Northern beaches of Sydney so I was thinking 'yeah this'll be big fun'…

Well it was a whole lot more than fun (although fun is good!). I was totally knocked off my perch by several things – the general vibe was lovely, all those spunky old surfies (and the spunky old surfie chicks of course), the place even seemed to smell really good – was there incense burning somewhere? … but then … the music began.

Right from the first beautiful note I was tearing up. Then the Buddha's huge golden head with that amazing Jonas Mekas quote appeared on the big screen. Then Lior, then Mike Rudd, then Old Man River, then the incredible orchestra and band and singers and then of course Brian Cadd came in and blew everyone away!!!

I was taken by surprise at the power of it. I didn't expect to be so moved. It's all so simple: Open up your heart. Try to make a start. Try not to hide what you feel inside. Not forgetting – "Just paddle out". Love it.

GREAT GREAT STUFF. Thanks so much to all involved.

– Lindy Saville
October 200

Morning of the Earth crew gaday! l took my wife to the theatres last night to watch a event that brought many memories back to me. She luv the music film etc she had never seen or heard of the movie before. It was very well done.

L was brought up it that area, l started surfing when l was 13 with my mates on the Mornington peninsula. The feeling the movie gives you is over whelming, it's a petty a few of the younger crew don't get it.

The one with the biggest smile wins is so true no matter what you are doing.

L did a surf trip 2 years ago to lombok with five of my mates, we had not surfed together for quiet some time approx 15 years. We had surfed together every day when we were grummets. Its amazing how surfing can bring back friends together. It was like we had not ever gone our separate ways.

Surfing it is unexplainable in words but what a great feeling!. Especially with your mates.

Thanks for the memories

– Wayne
October 2008

What a wonderful idea to bring back one of the great all time classic surfing movies. The memory of this movie will never leave me, the music and the story embedded into my head still today. When i think of this era in my life, it brings back fantastic memories of a great time in my life, as I'm sure it does with allot of other people. Well done and i look forward to seeing the show.

– Neil Vorbach
August 2008

Morning of the Earth depicted a way of life which all dreamed of and hoped would last forever.

I was 13 when it was released and I still rember the first time I saw the movie. I was young gromet just starting to surf the old guys at my school hired this movie which they screened in the chemistry lab. For 5 hours they showed that movie over and over again, all for 25 cents. I went home with a buzz that lasted for days, or maybe it was the weed the old guys were smoking up the back.

40 years later I still surf and the movie still holds a very special place in my heart.

My wife calls me a tragic and my son just thinks I'm stuck in a time warp. But hey, the memories of the first time are still as clear today as that first afternoon and I still get that tingling sensation every time I go surfing.

My favorite song is Simple Ben, it just epitomises the world and how it has changed.

Thank you Albie.

– Michael Jensen
August 2008

I have been a fan of this movie since its first release, every Sunday afternoon I would sneak in to the Manly silverscreen as they would only open downstairs I would wait till the movie started and sneak upstairs for my own private afternoon viewing.I lost count after about 16 times and after every viewing would run pumped back across the road for a surf.I have so many life experiences from back then that the album was a backdrop to. It was this album that inspired my lifestyle and led me to becoming a musician and moving up to the mid north coast to surf and play music.I even dated Albie's neice as a teenager, I met her wearing a Morning Of The Earth sloppy joe, when I asked her where she bought it she told me her uncle had made the film. So I have a long history and close affiliation with the film.I have never met Albie although he only lives about 20K from me these days,but recently I met Brian Cadd after a gig and thanked him for being a huge part of the soundtrack to my life and I'm now 50 still surfing & playing music. In my life it's still Morning Of The Earth.

– Paul Davidson
August 2008

I'm getting on to 45 now and still remember when I first saw Morning of the Earth. The music is etched in my brain and the soundtrack is in my house, my car and at work. Each time I see the movie or hear the music it takes me to some of my best life memories surfing with my best mate (Shane – deceased at 44). The movie and music depicted what we surfed for. Freedom, nature and environment. In those days we went looking for something. We found it in the surf and it bound us as mates. It links me to Shane. It links me to who I am. As the man said "Ive seen the best and worst that we have here upon our earth, I've finally decided on the things that I give worth". Morning of the Earth is all worth!!!

– SK
April 2004

I first saw Morning of the Earth in the seventies at the picture theatre.

After reading MP's biography while on holidays I just had to have the DVD. When it arrived in today's mail it went straight into my DVD player. The film's visuals and music rekindled the mood of the times so aptly there is no need for dialogue – in the same way that MP let his surfing do the talking. MP was unquestionably the king of Kirra !

– Chris B. ,Sydney
July 2004