A Positive Statement

We are all aware of the ugliness, despoilation and the pollution of our planet. Most of us are living and breeding round large cities and are accustomed to our environment. For surfers this is often an unsatisfactory existence. Their direct contact with nature's largest life force, the ocean, has made them acutely aware that it has become man's largest garbage tip.

John Severson made a forceful statement on man's negative achievements in his film "Pacific Vibrations" which ranks as one of the best surf movies yet made. He showed oil derricks in the ocean and the resulting dead wildlife and pollution. He contrasted this with beautiful colour photography of surfing under ideal conditions.

The realities of so called progress are there and yet we continue to forge forward to extinction. We don't seem to be able to get above the mushroom cloud of pollution that has exploded in our minds and seized them up with sludge. Journalists have written millions of words and documentary film makers have edited miles of film on the subject of man being his own worst enemy. Photographers have emphasised the stark graphic horror of our despoilation and destruction.

What Albert Falzon has done is make a film that shows the beauty and harmony of areas of our planet, the power of the ocean, the sun's morning rays slipping thru the chinks of a rudely constructed tree house, the peace of a tropical sunset. He has filmed groups of surfers living in these surroundings. A fantasy that is a reality for some.

Cars do not zoom across the screen, high rise buildings do not block the sun, telegraph poles and wires do not entangle the screen. Albert can be accused of being idealistic. What he hopes for is millions of people throughout the world seeing Morning Of The Earth and coming out of the theatre feeling better because of it. Perhaps they will then do something about preserving what we have left and righting the wrongs that we have already committed on planet