In the foyer…

Brian Cadd - after Sure Feels Good

Front and back of Outer Island art – Mitchel Rae shaped and spent two days on the classic art space piece. The board was positioned in the foyer of the State Theatre near the main entrance. It set the note for the night. Hardly a surfer passed the board without getting a good blast from one of the best surfboard designers on the planet. A post card along with the golden buddhahead was left on every seat in the theatre. After the event there weren't many left around the place.

Buddha card left on seats at the live event

Graeme Davy and Alby Falzon alongside Mitchel Rae's Outer Island masterpiece

Graeme Davy, Marjorie Blackburn, Alby Falzon and film-maker and good friend Jack McCoy.
Opening night at the Sate Theatre

Ad exec & writer John Doorley, MOTE surfer Stephen Cooney, Film maker Albert Falzon
Photographer Kane Skennar, Market researcher Trevor Harrison – Opening night, State Theatre

Albert Falzon and Marjorie Blackburn at the opening MOTE Live Event State Theatre

Film maker Monty Webber – Liquid Time and Alby Falzon

Alby Falzon and friend – MOTE surfer Stephen Cooney

Mote suref Stephen Cooney, John Doorley and Albert Falzon